Heart Little Queen Vinyl Lp 1977 Record Folk Rock/Rock'n'Roll UR 34799 VG+/VG

Sold Date: December 2, 2021
Start Date: November 24, 2021
Final Price: $21.99 (USD)
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Please view all pictures and see below for grades and grading standards. All records have been tested and are graded accordingly.

Grading is in the title in the format VINYL GRADE /JACKET GRADE. It is also in the item specifics.

Grading standards:


M: unopened, sealed in shrink.

NM: Looks new, sounds new. No scratches or scuffs. Might need a cleaning to remove dust before play.

EX (Formally VG++) : sounds NM. 3 or less scratches per side.

VG+: May have some light scratches. Expected to have less than 8 light scratches per side. Expected to sound close to NM with possibly some crackles when starting the record over silent sections.

VG: Has alot of scratches. May have slight affect on sound quality with crackling possibly present on quieter sections.

G+ or G: I do not sell vinyl in this condition.


M: Sealed, no storage wear.

EX: Sealed, slight storage wear such as minor ring wear.

VG++: Still in shrink, no damage.

VG+: May have one small imperfection such as some fading on the binding.

Vg: May have 2 imperfections such as ring wear and a signature.

G+: has 3 imperfections such as ring wear, signature, and a tear on the binding.

G: Has 4 or more imperfections. Generally is not a great sleeve for collectors. Usually structurally intact so it can still hold or preserve the vinyl