TALABOT, John - Fin (reissue) - Vinyl (LP)

Sold Date: January 18, 2022
Start Date: December 17, 2021
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Cat: PERMVAC 0891. Rel: 6 Feb 12
Deep House

Side 1 - Track 1. Depak IneSide 1 - Track 2. Destiny (feat Pional)Side 1 - Track 3. Oro Y SangreSide 1 - Track 4. Last LandSide 2 - Track 1. Journeys (feat Ekhi)Side 2 - Track 2. Missing YouSide 2 - Track 3. When The Past Was PresentSide 2 - Track 4. El OesteSide 2 - Track 5. So Will Be Now (feat Pional)

"It's not really house, more electronica - like a proper album," John Talabot said of this album. . It's an apt description. Fin is clearly rooted in house - and the kind of melody-driven, atmospheric tackle that the Barcelona-based producer excels at - but it's certainly not a dancefloor-focused set. There are off-kilter downtempo moments, slo-mo compositions and twisted beatscapes that recall the impossible-to-pigeonhole antics of Hyetal (circa "Broadcast"), Sepalcure and Instra:mental. Then there's closer "So Will Be Now" (one of two collaborations with Pional), a near-genius chunk of future garage/deep acid house fusion that's so beautiful it almost hurts. As transformations go, Fin is stunning.