HORST WESSEL LIED German WW2 Anthem NSDAP Wehrmacht GIOVINEZZA (1933) WWII 78rpm

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!!! World War 2 Memorabilia !!! 

One of the rarest "Horst Wessel Lied" editions, released in the beginning of 1933!
Early first version with the song lyrics in some parts different then in the later more known version!
The changes to the song were made after Horst Wessel´s death. (Source: Wikiwand / Horst Wessel Lied)
Could be the first ever "Horst Wessel Lied" record!

On the second side of the record is the official anthem of Benito Mussolini's fascist party, "Giovinezza"!
Unofficial Italian anthem between 1924-1943. In Germany the song was known as "Hi***rleute."

"Horst Wessel-Lied" (German Anthem during the NSDAP era)
Singing by: Quartett Played by: Great Brass-Orchestra

"Hi***rleute" (Faschisten-Marsch / Giovinezza)
Played by: Great Brass-Orchestra Instrumental version.

RECORD CONDITION V+ (Well preserved, looks nice! The record has been popular back in the days, a bit of groove wear visible. Audio quality is 6/10, some clicks audible here and there, a bit of surface sound, common to used 78rpm records, not overpowering music, still very enjoyable record! A tiny bit of wavy in the beginning, with a higher needle weight plays like a charm. One needle jump in the beginning of "Faschisten Marsch" side. Record comes with rare original company sleeve!)

Most of these were destroyed after the war, near impossible to find a copy nowadays!
The record can be played also with a modern turntable, which has a shellac stylus.

78rpm records are sent in special boxes, between cardboard layers and softening material around.

GRADING   N (new)              Unplayed and showing no signs of wear.
E (excellent)       Showing only slight wear. Playing surfaces still retain much of their original shine. 
V (very good)     Somewhat more worn than an excellent record, slight grayness appearing in the grooves, especially in louder passages. Still a fairly clean and acceptable copy. Surface and extraneous noise is noticeable, but does not overwhelm the music.                         .
G (good)             Shows considerable wear and usage, grayness in the grooves, random mars and light abrasions from a sleeveless existence. Surface noise is audible.                       
F (fair)                Indicates the lowest grades of the condition code. 

Plus and minus signs are used to indicate slight differences in the grading.