BB&Q BAND, The - Disco Hits (remastered) - Vinyl (limited gatefold 2xLP)

Sold Date: September 28, 2022
Start Date: July 19, 2022
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Cat: ODCLP 003. Rel: 9 Nov 20
Disco/Nu Disco/Re-Edits

Side 1 - Track 1. On The Beat (album version)Side 1 - Track 2. All Night Long (She's Got The Moves I Like) (album version)Side 1 - Track 3. Keep It Hot (extended version)Side 2 - Track 1. Imagination (extended Promo mix)Side 2 - Track 2. Riccochet (Dancin' Danny D' mix)Side 2 - Track 3. I'll Cut You Loose (album version)Side 3 - Track 1. Dreamer (Shep Pettibone long vocal version)Side 3 - Track 2. Starlette (album version)Side 3 - Track 3. Downtowne (album version)Side 4 - Track 1. Time For Love (long version)Side 4 - Track 2. Mistakes (extended version)Side 4 - Track 3. She's A Woman (album version)

B. B. & Q. Band (Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens Band), was an Italian-American post-disco band. A studio project created by the late Jacques Fred Petrus after the success of his main project Change with Mauro Malvasi. The band formed in Bologna in 1979, disbanded in 1987 and featured members such as Kevin Robinson, Paris Ford, Chielli Minucci and Curtis Hairston among others. Disco Hits (remastered) comes courtesy of Original Disco Culture and features timeless classics such as the unmistakable 'On The Beat', the neon-lit sway of 'All Night Long' (She's Got The Moves I Like) as well as Dancin' Danny D's mix of 'Riccochet' and Shep Pettibone's rework of 'Dreamer'.