Temptations Greatest Hits 2 Lp 1970 Original Ultrasonic Clean Record Vinyl VG/VG

Sold Date: November 8, 2022
Start Date: October 7, 2022
Final Price: $15.99 (USD)
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All records sold outside of auctioned records come with a plastic jacket protector over the record. All records will also have a clean inner sleeve.

Grading Standards: I take grading seriously and grade conservatively. For example, my ultrasonic clean VG strong is often many sellers VG+. I grade the record to reflect the lowest the album could possibly grade at.

The grade is in the item description in the format VINYL GRADE/JACKET GRADE. The grade is also listed in the item specifics.

Vinyl Grading Standards:

Mint: Only sealed records are considered mint.

NM : Near Mint : I rarely grade NM. No scratches and clean inlays. This would leave one wondering if it's been played.

EX: Looks great, sounds new. Can have up to 3 scratches/nicks per side. Silence expected even between songs.

VG+: May have some light scratches/nicks. Usually less than 8 per side. Very little change to sound quality. Expected to have sound quality close to near mint. If there is any light crackling, it is only heard between songs.

VG-STRONG: A great value. Likely will sound VG+ as the VG has scratches but the scratches are light and spaced out. This is great for playing.

VG: Has alot of scratches. Usually more than 8 on each side. May have slight affect on sound quality. The primary example is crackling that can be present on quieter sections.

G+: Scratches cover the entire record. Usually the scratches are light and the record can sound fine but skips are a possibility.

G: Record is not playable. Deep scratches, cracks, warps, chips, and more. A record in this condition would need to be ultra rare.

Jacket Grading Standards:

M: Sealed, no storage wear.

EX: Sealed, slight storage wear such as minor ring wear or some rubbing on the edges of the jacket.

VG++: Still in shrink, no damage.

VG+: May have one small imperfection such as some fading on the binding.

VG:May have 2 imperfections such as ring wear and a signature.

G+: has 3 imperfections such as ring wear, signature, and a tear on the binding. Not a great sleeve for collectors.

G: Has 4 or more imperfections. My lowest grade. Not a great sleeve for collectors. Usually structurally intact so it can still hold or preserve the vinyl but that’s about it.