The Sylvers Self-Titled Vinyl Lp 1972 Original Ultrasonic Clean G+/G

Sold Date: February 20, 2023
Start Date: February 6, 2023
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This record has been ultrasonically cleaned and put in a high quality inner sleeve. The jacket is also given 2 new jacket protectors unless the jacket is graded G. If it grades as a G, I may put on 4 jacket protectors. On a standard jacket, one jacket protector goes horizontally over the jacket. The other jacket protector goes vertically storing the vinyl outside the original jacket and allowing easy access. 

We put hours into the cleaning and grading of our records. To have fun learning and sharing about vinyl, follow our channel on Youtube at

Grading Standards: We take grading seriously and grade conservatively. For example, our ultrasonic clean VG strong is often many sellers VG+. We grade the record to reflect the lowest the album could possibly grade. Grading is aesthetic except when noted as play tested in the title.

The grade is in the item description in the format VINYL GRADE/JACKET GRADE. The grade is also listed in the item specifics.

Vinyl Grading Standards:

Mint: Only sealed records are considered mint.

NM : Near Mint : I rarely grade NM. No scratches and clean inlays. This would leave one wondering if it's been played.

EX: Looks great, sounds new. Can have up to 3 scratches/nicks per side. Silence expected even between songs. Still very rare, less than 3% of records graded.

VG+: May have some light scratches/nicks. Less than 8 per side is the standard. Very little change to sound quality. Expected to have sound quality close to near mint. If there is any light crackling, it is only heard between songs. This will please even most audiophiles. 

VG STRONG: A great value. Likely will sound VG+ as the VG has scratches but the scratches are light and spaced out. This is great for playing and most likely, the grade is just based on aesthetics.

VG: Has alot of scratches. Usually more than 8 on each side. May have slight affect on sound quality. The primary example is crackling that can be present on quieter sections. 

G+: Scratches cover the entire record. Usually the scratches are light and the record can sound fine but skips are a possibility. This category is for gamblers. I have played many a G+ record that sounds great after cleaning but you never know. 

G: Record is not playable or barely playable. Deep scratches, cracks, warps, chips, and more. A record in this condition would need to be ultra rare to be worth posting.

Jacket Grading Standards:

M: Sealed, no storage wear.

EX: Usually in shrink, slight storage wear such as minor ring wear or some rubbing on the edges of the jacket. Frame worthy.

VG+: May have one small imperfection such as some fading on the binding. Usually frame worthy.

VG: May have 2 imperfections such as ring wear and a signature.

G+: has 3 imperfections such as ring wear, signature, and a tear on the binding. Not a great sleeve for collectors. Most record jackets are G+ these days. Many of them are 50+ years old and it shows!

G: Has 4 or more imperfections. My lowest grade. Not a great sleeve for collectors. Can have mold. If there is mold present, I use 4 outer jacket sleeves going in multiple directions to ensure that the jacket is airtight and safe to store inside the house. 

NA: The record does not have an original jacket. If there is a jacket, it is simply a random replacement such as a Beethoven record.