SEALED WUGAZI 13 Chambers Limited ED Yellow & Black Vinyl LP - 1000 Copies Only!

Sold Date: June 10, 2024
Start Date: March 10, 2024
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"With their WUGAZI mash-up project, Midwestern producers Cecil Otter and Swiss Andy pay sharp tribute to two iconic acts, punk titans Fugazi and hip-hop superheroes the Wu-Tang Clan. While Fugazi’s staunch separation from the traditional music machine discourages use of their music as mash-up fodder, these 13 songs were created with striking precision."

Rolling Stone Magazine

Yellow & Black Limited to 1000

A1 Sleep Rules Everything Around Me

A2 Suicide Surprise

A3 Another Chessboxin' Argument

A4 Ghetto Afterthought

A5 Sweet Release

A6 Shame On Blue

B1 Slow Like That

B2 Floating Labels

B3 P.L.O. Squared

B4 Nowhere To Wait

B5 Last Chance For The Clientele Kid

B6 Killa Hill

B7 Forensic Shimmy

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