BIG FUDGE Premium Master Vinyl Record Sleeves-50x Record Inner Vinyl Sleeves 12"

Sold Date: May 12, 2024
Start Date: April 24, 2024
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BIG FUDGE Premium Master Vinyl Record Sleeves - 50x Record Inner Vinyl Sleeves for 12" Vinyl Record Storage - Clear 3-Layer LP Sleeves with Anti-Static Rice Paper - Acid Free, Archival Album Sleeves
Vinyl cover sleeves, with flap premium resealable moble masters japanese oversized archival mobil mastersleeves collector. Vinyl recorder holder and aleeves disckeeper albums vinyl, audiophile msfl disk keeper fedelity innersleeves jacket. diskeeper disc sealable modi mylar sound lab city sleevecity vinyka polylined recordings lined cardboard pack black player polyethylene vinly styls industry standard jackets style dust blank spine x vintage oversize cards combo damka box sets set 45 record sleeves inner mofi protective original master bags unlimited sleves plastic 100 33 mobile 3 3ml 2 mo 3mil 12se03 fi 50 4 outside 2.0 5 4mil 7 fidelity 9235 500 10 25 78 78rpm vinyl sleeves for records and inner sleeves for vinyl records 🎵 MASTER PROTECTION: You worked hard to collect it, kept it safe and look forward to each moment you get to listen to it. Now, keep your tunes scratch-free for the next 30+ years like good collectors do with Big Fudge Premium Master Inner Record Vinyl Sleeves 🎵 INCREASE THEIR VALUE: Are you sitting on a rare album? Is it still inside its paper cover, or polyprop bag?! Why not protect their value a little more, by going “next level” and use the same accessories recommended by pro collectors. 🎵 STATIC REDUCING INNERS: Big Fudge Premium inner vinyl sleeves feature protective 3-Ply Polyethylene on one side and Archival Rice Paper on the other. The negative ion technology reduces friction and repels dust for “long play” protection. 🎵 FITS LIKE A SMOOTH COMFY GLOVE: Premium Master inner LP record sleeves (set of 50) are an exact 12” square. And if you have a bunch of 7” that need a little dressing up, we also have 50-packs of thick, protective 45 record sleeves.