George Harrison Billy Preston Ringo Starr BanglaDesh Concert Alt Acetate Beatles

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George Harrison Billy Preston Ringo Starr Unreleased Alternate One Sided Acetate
Dated August 18th, 1971 - Tuesday Night Mixes
Side 2 Variant of a 3 LP Box Set from 1971 known asĀ  "The Concert For Bangla Desh" Apple STCX 3385

This disk was mastered by the engineers at A&M Studios at the direction of Phil Spector and George Harrison

The Disk Is Near Mint
The one sided 12" acetate contains all of the songsĀ  (Except Wah Wah) from Side 2 of the 1971 Apple Records three record album box set called " The Concert for Bangla Desh"
The songs featured on this acetate are as follows: 1) My Sweet Lord 2) Waiting On You All 3) That's The Way God Planned It 4) It Don't Come Easy
The critical difference between this acetate and side 2 of the 1971 Bangla Desh Box Set is that there is the inclusion of the Ringo Starr song "It Don't Come Easy" on this disk which was included as part of the 1971 set but was on side 3 of the 1971 set. The other difference is that "Wah Wah" is not on this acetate

The part of this acetate disk that I listened to leads me to believe that the mix of this entire acetate side is very different from side two of the 1971 Concert for Bangla Desh record album release.
(The photo of Side two of the 1971 Concert for Bangla Desh is included for comparison only)

From the personal collection of a former record company executive who worked for both Apple Records and Phil Spector Productions.