The Sacred Art Of Dub Vol 1 (Record Store Day 2020)

Sold Date: December 18, 2021
Start Date: January 11, 2021
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Cat: MANIADUB 017LP. Rel: 28 Sep 20
Reggae Classics/Oldies/Ska

Side 1 - Track 1. Prowling LionSide 1 - Track 2. Philosophers StoneSide 1 - Track 3. Philosophers DubSide 1 - Track 4. Dancing On A RainbowSide 2 - Track 1. Seven Colours Of DubSide 2 - Track 2. ElixirSide 2 - Track 3. No Peace In The CitySide 2 - Track 4. Eternal Dub (bonus track)

When Inhmost made their debut on Greta Cottage Woodpile in 2015, we remarked on the quality of their picture-perfect tributes to the cosmic, soul-warming sound of 1990s ambient labels such as Fax and Apollo. "Everything Is New", their belated second album, takes a similar widescreen, retro-futurist approach, with the publicity-shy duo delivering impeccably crafted, exceedingly atmospheric workouts that variously doff a cap to Global Communication ('Aurulia'), Pete Namlook (the quiet and contemplative 'Break Down'), Space Time Continuum ('Deeper Thoughts'), the Irresistible Force ('Sleep Walk'), Ninja Tune's almost forgotten N Tone label ('Spectrum'), and the more ambient end of Richard H Kirk's Sandoz project (the warm and wonderful 'Sometime For Time').