Rare Club Classic ~ DEBBIE DEB ~ LOOKOUT WEEKEND ~ Freestyle LP 12" Vinyl (VG+)

Sold Date: May 10, 2021
Start Date: May 7, 2021
Final Price: $33.79 (USD)
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Rare classic Debbie Deb!  Looks & sounds great.  Don't miss out!

Artist: Debbie Deb
Title: Lookout Weekend 
Vinyl Condition: VG+ 
Cover Condition: Generic VG+   (see pics for track list & condition)

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We grade Vinyl & album Covers conservatively. Many of these records range from 25 to 45+ years old. However, our vinyl and covers are not graded on a sliding scale. For example, a record or cover from the 1970s is held to the same standards as one from the 2000s. We encourage you to check out the photos for the track list and cover condition.(anything abnormal looking on the vinyl pics is glare) Albums with covers not in their original shrink wrap will show some signs of wear. Cover wear may include scuffs, scratches, dealer cut, peels, rips, corners not squared, ink or label removal markings.

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Excellent (EX) An EX record ranges from very minimal signs of use to no wear and no scratches. They sound excellent and have no surface noise.

Cover: An EX cover is typically free of creases, personal labels, ink, or ring wear. They won't have any seam splits.


Very Good Plus (VG+) VG+ records will show some light signs of wear, including light scuffs or light scratches that do not affect your listening experience. VG+ records still sound great. They may have minor signs of handling such as light wear around the center hole from usage. They may have very light static between songs or possibly a very slight warp that will not affect the music. 

Cover: VG+ covers show minor wear. A VG+ cover might have some very minor seam wear, a small crease, light wear marks along the perimeter, a small scuff or a very small seam split (less than one inch long) Also, a VG+ cover may have some small defacing, such as a dealer cut-out marking, a label, or a name written on it.


Very Good (VG)

Many of the imperfections found on a VG+ record are more obvious on a VG record. That said, VG records are among the best bargains in record collecting because more perfect copies are much more expensive. For many listeners, a VG record or sleeve fits their needs at a reasonable cost. 


VG records will have more obvious scratches & flaws than a VG+ record. Despite visible imperfections, VG records still sound Very Good. They lack most of the original gloss found on factory-fresh records. Groove wear is evident on sight, some scratches may be deep enough to feel with a fingernail. When played, a VG record will have some surface noise during soft passages and/or during a song's intro or ending. (surface noise that will not overpower the music) A VG record may have a slight warp that will not affect the songs. A VG record should not skip. (If it skips on your player, you likely need to check the balance of your tone arm)


Cover: VG covers will have many signs of human handling and storage. Ring wear in the middle or wear along perimeter of the cover. Visible creases and seam splitting will be more obvious and may appear on multiple sides. Someone may have written on it, labeled it or stamped a price tag on it.


Good (G)

Good records have more significant scratches, surface noise, and groove wear than a VG record. The record's label may be worn, possibly significant ring wear, heavy writing, or obvious damage caused by someone trying to remove tape or stickers on the label and failed. A good condition record might have a warp. It should play without skipping. (if it skips on your player there are suggestions on the internet to remedy it) Many people enjoy Good sounding records until they can locate or afford an upgrade.

Cover: Has ring and/or edge wear to the point of distraction, shows more wear & tear than a VG, may have seam splits, heavier writing, labels, or possibly spill stains. 

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