Take Three "Tonite's The Night(All Right /Tonite(All Right)" Dance Sing 12" 1983

Sold Date: September 13, 2021
Start Date: July 7, 2021
Final Price: £25.00 (GBP)
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For sale Take Three "Tonite's the night (All right)" 12" single on Dance Sing records
EX copy just a few feint scratches/scuffs part way into the record that dnap
Royal Mail 2nd class signed for is £4.10
Royal Mail 1st class signed for is £4.75
I've stopped using Near Mint (NM) in the grading of my records for sale due to an unscrupulous overseas buyer who used it as an excuse for a huge discount.


Mint (M):

I only grade as mint where the record is brand new and sealed with no visible damage to the sleeve.

Near Mint (NM):.

Record: Will be in a new like condition. Very Clean. It may have very, very minor defects such as no more than a couple of very light hairlines and a couple of spindle trails around the centre holes. Basically a record in NM condition will look like you have just got it back from the record shop or at worse only had a handfull of plays.

Excellent (EX):

Record: Will show signs of play but has been well looked after by the previous owner. It may show a few more light marks/scuffs than a NM. These marks won't be deep enough to be felt. There may be the odd click or crackle upon playback. Slight warps are that don't effect the sound are OK.

Very Good (VG):

Record: Wear and defects will be more obvious with marks/scuffs deep enough to feel with a fingernail. Groove wear will be more noticeable. Sound deterioration and surface noise will become more likely especially during quieter passages.

Very Good Plus (VG +): And Very Good Minus (VG-):

Record: Just slightly different grading of the Very good (VG) slightly better or worse