The Black Angels - Directions To See A Ghost [New Vinyl LP]

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The Black Angels - Directions To See A Ghost [New Vinyl LP]

Artist: The Black Angels

Title: Directions To See A Ghost

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Alternative Rock, Box Sets

UPC: 826853003315

Release Date: 2021

Record Label: Light in the Attic

Album Tracks

1. You on the Run
2. Doves
3. Science Killer
4. Mission District
5. 18 Years
6. Deer-Ree-Shee
7. Never/Ever
8. Vikings
9. You in Color
10. The Return
11. Snake in the Grass
12. Black Angel Exit/Shine (Digital Only Bonus Track)

Vinyl LP pressing. The Black Angels are back with their 2008 release Directions to See a Ghost, the second full-length album from Austin's darkest droners. With tidal rhythms and rasping epics, Directions to See a Ghost is a driving, psychedelic masterpiece that churns through 72 minutes and 11 tracks. This highly anticipated follow-up to the band's 2006 critically acclaimed debut will leave listeners buzzing. Light in the Attic.

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