ULTIMATE SPINACH - Live At The Unicorn July '67 vinyl LP * NEW *

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Artist: Ultimate Spinach

Title: Live At The Unicorn

Cat No: KHLP9006

Format: LP

Forever associated with the so-called ‘Bosstown Sound’ hype, Ultimate Spinach were in fact one of the more intriguing psychedelic bands to emerge from late 1960s America. This live set was recorded during their residency at one of Boston’s leading music venues in the summer of 1967, shortly before they taped their debut album. It finds them blending folk-rock, straight pop and mindblowing psychedelia to powerful effect, and is presented complete with detailed

 ·  Remastered sound

·  Background notes included

·  First time on LP




Side 1:

1.  Hey Joe

2.  Get Together

3.  I Don't Know Your Name

4.  Funny Freak Parade

5.  Don't Let Those Years Go By

6.  Don’t Cry For Me


Side 2

1.Follow Me

2. Hip Death Goddess

3. Mind Flowers