FAIRUZ - Wahdon (remastered) - Vinyl (LP)

Sold Date: September 26, 2021
Start Date: September 13, 2021
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Cat: WWSLP 22. Rel: 1 Jul 19

Side 1 - Track 1. Habeytak Tansit Al Non Side 1 - Track 2. Baatilak Side 1 - Track 3. Ana Indi Haneen Side 2 - Track 1. Al Bosta Side 2 - Track 2. Wahdon

When it comes to offering up re-mastered reissues of obscure Lebanese music, Wewantsounds has previous form. They've already delivered a new edition of Ziad Rahbani's "Abu Ali" LP and here serve up a fresh pressing of an album he produced: "Wahdon", a hard-to-find 1978 set by her mother, legendary Middle Eastern chanteuse Fairuz. It's a set of stark contrasts. While the A-side tracks indulge the more traditional side of Fairuz's output -think Lebanese vocals and instrumentation in the style of pop music from the region made in the period - the flipside cuts see her taking calculated risks. "Al Bosta" is a funk, soul and disco influenced club cut of the highest order, while "Wahdon" is a sumptuously symphonic soul slow jam straight from the top drawer.