Led Zeppelin 1 Silver Stripe Red Plum 1st UK pressing 1969 A1B1 EX

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This is from my own collection I am not a dealer, over the next few months I am selling of part of my collection all rarities and collectible no filler!

a nice Ex playing A1B1 vinyl original copy we own another duplicate so making space

This is a real collectors vault stored vinyl....

to be clear it's

ex not mint or perfect but a very nice playing copy with no serious issues. Close to nr mint in some tracks. Superb audio ūüĎĆ

 its not mint or record store new as this is a 55 year vinyl and sleeve and has been played and cared for.

with corrected matrix  on side 1 , and on side 2,

  the 8 # , very very early and super rare in this condition.

This is an early run


* a Genuine UK 1969* Led Zeppelin debut album pressed in 1968,

released 12th jan 1969, pressed in late 68, the early pressings. after some uncorrected copies they were all *corrected* with crossed out 8s// on both sides,

this copy is from the early run , with only 3 track divisions in the music,  after the first 2000 were run off with the famous  Turquoise Sleeve and "superhype" credits on the Red Plum lables, these now sell for a minimum of 1000 GBP or often 4k or  higher in * ex* there is enough on the internet to tell you more...

This copy is the 1969 1st pressing A1 B1 with  2nd label with the Orange letters on front cover and Warners credits on Red Plum label.

The blistering debut from Led Zeppelin has incredible sound quality, some early classic Zeppelin tracks are here, Dazed and Confused, How many more Times, Communication Breakdown all recorded in Oct 68 at Olympic Studios London in only 36 hours, the reported cost was only 1700 GBP! Jimmy Page paid the studio time, the band had just honoured some Yardbirds dates in Scandanavia with tremendous reviews booked as The New Yardbirds!

Page had cut his teeth in the tough studio circuit in London and toured Europe and USA with the Yardbirds, he was already forming a close bond with Peter Grant who rewrote the rock rulebook in the 70s, Peter Grant was an ex bouncer, wrestler and all round genius gentleman manager who took no excuses or prisoners the chemistry was right....

They were set to blow away all the opposition with a new heavy blues sound already sweeping Europe with the Jeff Beck group and others leading the way, the cover of Willie Dixons `You Shook me` also appears on Becks `Truth` albulm which led to a few harsh words considering Beck and Page were old band-mates. The all new Led Zeppelin headed out to USA and hit LA in early 69 to promote the new record and as already a legend was in the making.....it was the start and paved the way of the Rock Era of the 70s Supergoups and if you were lucky enough to see Zeppelin you would `speed the word....as it was back in the day.

Robert Plant was on trial with Zeppelin and did not get any song credits till the 2nd album was released, he wanted to cement his place in band and laid it all on the line in this blues rock showcase for Pages ideas with the Bedrock of John Bonhams drums keeping the frame tight.

This the bands debut sold only 600,000 In UK which incudes the later Green and Orange labels compared to US sales of 8,000,000 gives you an idea of how super rare the UK Red Plum copies now are, its estimated that less than 80,000 were pressed for the first run after that in late 1970 all were Green and Orange.

So these early Red Plums vinyls in  Nr Ex and Ex and Ex+ are getting scarce now...

this is an Ex vinyl...

How many remain now in anything like this order ? Probably easily less than 5,000!

Much is written about the sound on the Turquoise copies having owned several we found the later Red Plums with Warners credits to be equal and depending on the condition often sound better than the US versions which were produced in much higher volumes. The pressing quality we have found is superb and way better than the mass produced USA presses where the record sold bucketful the early ,70s as the the groups reputation grew , in New York and LA.

For our US buyers this is a peach!

get yourself a genuine UK first press on the Red Plum label.

The sound quality beats the new *super deluxe* copies hand down in our view, please bear in mind this is a 55 year old vinyl.

sounds great on our Rega 3 and the light tracking Kenwood deck we use for grading.

 great sound quality see our 100% feedback , we will send secure to US by Royal Mails  International *Tracked and Signed for*  only.

Over to the listener but here is a real find , great value ex condition silver stripe cover and Ex  the vinyl.

The Record

EX condition 

A1 B1 matrix crossed 8 # out 

This is a 1969 first press  Red Plum label and Warners credits.

In EX condition with some light surface lines and removal marks scuffs from sleeve removal over the years this is a 55 year old vinyl record! Nice fat pre oil crisis late 60s vinyl wow !

Plays very clear with bright punchy sound played loud !

may benefit from a professional clean (we don't do this as it's an individual thing) some  static and light click noticeable in the quieter passages and intros nothing to disrupt playing no sticks or jumps on our Rega 3.

Has surface lines and trails , nothing serious affecting audio badly great playing copy.

NICE copy has some  background static in the quieter acoustic track and intros `Babe im gonna leave you`and `Your time is gonna come` nothing to disrupt the enjoyment of the music. 

Some light static and soft clicks at intros also. is is a loud recording so play loud its pretty awesome for a late 60s mix.

Plays  Ex The labels are free of writing doodles or stickers and retain great bold colours with no fade we can notice under light, .

The labels are free of writing doodles or stickers and retain great bold colours .

Has its original `Plastic bags can be Dangerous` inner sleeve wow `supplied in quality new pvc lined inner sleeve`

the original inner is lasting very well from a 53 year journey, its not discoloured like many from its 53 years like many but intact , a new quality inner is also suppplied..

EX " the vinyl and ex the sleeve a keeper.

The sleeve Ex Condition

Only the debut was produced in single envelope sleeve , with the the iconic Zeppelin pic on front.

In ex condition having done it's job over the years, the sleeve has some handling wear (see photos) this one is a survivor has a little laminate lift, good pinched good readable  spine , see photos, we have keep this with a card stiffener to protect the integrity of the sleeve.

The sleeve Ex condition, having done it's job over the years, the sleeve has some handling wear (see photos) some creases from its service ,no tears  or rips, these can be dirty and trashed, condition see pictures, has been cared for  Ex sleeve. Has some laminate creases  solid spine fully legible see photos,

the sleeve is 53 years old and been vault stored for several years , with some creases on laminate and corners wear  a keeper..original inner `plastic bags can be dangerous` inner in great shape for 53 a new quality pvc lined inner is also supplied.

the record is 53 years old and has been  stored in the Vault in a pvc sleeve.

Its fair to say that these early Debut copies are getting more collectable ....

Great early run 1969 Orange Letters with Silver Stripe on bottom, *Uptight and Out a sight* Atlantic appreciation society credit on rear, as it should be on a 1969 copy.

There are no seam splits , corners are showing some light rounding ,some creasing to the laminate spine is in good shape see photos .... colours are good the thick card has held up well, only light wear at spine over the 53 years.

No names or stickers on sleeve.

Normal handing wear only at entry side of sleeve from 50+years use, A very nice clean copy for over 53 years....

This is a keeper for someone looking for a wholly original 1968 press of this great album.

See pictures and ask any question.

EX and Nr Mint copies are almost impossible now sometimes £500+

This is a great affordable copy of a UK 1969 press of Led Zeppelins debut albulm with ex sleeve and near mint  vinyl to keep and enjoy below  £550 gbp !

See photos.....

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