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This is from my own collection, I am not a dealer, in the next few months I am selling off part of my collection, some rarities and collectable, no filler! Thanks for looking!

1973 UK press A2B2 matrixes from March 1973 to buy and keep!

This is a RL the famous Ludwig pressing! Sometimes known as  "the hot mix"


Please note that this album is complete and original 51 year old UK pressing from 1973 and is sold for its rarity rather than for its condition. THAT SAID VINYL IS EX.

Collectors quality  A2B2 1973 UK press to buy and keep R Ludwig mix.

THIS IS WITH THE `SUPERHYPE` credits and no Warners logo on the label

This is a RL Robert Ludwig press with `STERLING` etched in the deadwax, aka "the hotmix" 

To be clear this is an A2B2 1973 original 1st UK pressing,


These Famous Robert Ludwig presses are now super collectable no Warners logo on the label, Warners Bros Publishing credit only on the label. 

EX The Vinyl

This is the label 1st version with `Made in UK` and `Superhype` credits and no Warners logo later copies had larger Warners logo  also many copies sold in UK after the first run were European presses with various quality.  

There is only some light static on intro to "No Quarter" some light static evident in the quieter passages but not many. A professional clean can help (we don't do this as its a personal thing)

Photos are of actual item for sale, what you see is what you get here.

also publishing credits go to "Superhype Music Inc" and Warner Bros.

(RL on the runout this was a reference by the famous Engineer `Robert Ludwig`

whose stamp was RL added to these copies , highly sought after with superior sound quality. 

the sound quality of these rare first presses wipes the floor in our view with the new reissues but over to the listener....

like the earlier Albums the song and production credits can help identify a true 1973 press which this is and its a reluctant sale...

Production credits go to Jimmy Page , Eddiie Kramer, George Chikiantz and Keith Harewood from the Rollling Stones mobile unit which was used to record the 4th `Untitled IV` albulm, this time `Stargroves` Mick Jaggers Manor house in leafy Hampshire was the venue..some sessions from the famous Headly Grange recordings in late 71 were used and Island studios also were used to complate the sessions April 72 to August 72.     

Electric Lady studious NYC and Olympic London also were used to record some of the material.   

its a killer albulm with some new directions and John  Paul Jones bringing the orchestral and synthesised areas to good effect especially on  `No Quarter` became a popular live number and anyone who saw Zeppelin in Dec 72 and Jan 73 UK tour will recall `Dancin Days` and `Over The Hills` as part of their 3 hour set.

The A2B2 Matrix vinyl (close to master tapes) these 1973 versions of the 5th album are getting rarer as collectors snap them up....it's a loud recording !

The Audio on the Robert Ludwig copies knocks the socks off the new reissues in our view but over to the listener...

look now on ebay and once you sift through to the "real thing" only 1or 2 normally show up , all normally priced £280 + in various conditions ,under £280 in  Ex this vinyl  this vinyl is a keeper look no further!

This is rare and getting hard to find in good order

`Houses of the Holy` recorded after their "mayhem tours" in USA in 1971 at Headley Grange England , and later April 72 Mick Jaggers home `Stargroves` this is very much the sound of a band settled and ready to develop after the `Global` success of the 4th albulm 

The classic tracks are here by the bucketful, Dancin Days, DY Maker, The Ocean, The Song Remains The Same. No Quarter all jump off the grooves with incredible clarity on this copy, the audio is awesome on our Rega 3.

Page got what he wanted here and the mixing done at various locations dictated by tour schedule are a credit to the producers, Hipgnosis did mastering artwork on the sleeve and the delays with colour wrangles with Atlantic the album was released in UK in MARCH 73 This is one of those early early copies!

again NO BAND NAME ON THE SLEEVE...Atlantic had to bear it as the dollars were flying in....

Atlantic by this time had given a blank cheque when they found out the 4th record was Platinum Ahmet Ergun backed the very large Peter Grant and Page had done it again, to this day many regard this as one of the greatest rock albums, judge for yourself but for us the audio quality of these 1st presses are vastly superior to the recent "deluxe super deluxe releases!" just DAMN HARD TO FIND AT A FAIR PRICE!

Atlantic did a great job in 1973 with these, word is Peter Grant got the pressing plants to clean the master discs more regular (using a process normally reserved for classical recordings) rock and pop were still considered "passing phases" so it was not felt necessary to clean the pressing plates as often due to the volume they were recorded at with few quieter passages , problem was demand was so high thats copies had to be shipped in from Europe to meet demand and quality was not as great as these RL copies on many we have heard.


Once again Grant broke the mould when he visited the UK pressing plant and "insisted" who would refuse him?

The job was done this way for the early runs in the first year or so... after...

all photos are of actual item for sale, what you see is what you get here, see our 100% feedback!

Grab yourself a piece of rock history!

These are getting harder to find in anything like this condition.

The Record

EX Condition

A2B2 The first matrixes! from 1973

Ex vinyl STORED copy clean with some light removal lines only under light , (see photos) which do not affect play, no jumps or sticks on our Rega 3 bear in mind this is a 50 year old vinyl record! we also tested on a fussy "light tracking" Kenwood deck with no worrying faults or issues.

clear audio quality in the acoustic tracks with no skips or jumps to disrupt. slight static in some quieter passages but not many. really clean vinyl (see photos )


Anyone are looking for "mint" or "record store new " or "Mint" archive copies please see our other listings and note this is not one of those.the sleeve and inner has marking and handling from past storage  shows wear its white paper

from 1973!

some slight static in intros and in the very quiet, the acoustic parts,

Nice fat pre oil crisis 70s vinyl wow !nice flat and fat.

Plays fantastic with bright crisp sound may benefit from a professional clean (we don't do this as it's an individual thing) light background static in the quieter passages but not many of those!

The labels are free of writing doodles or stickers and retain great bold colours with no fade we can notice under light., the pictures show they are very very clean with few spindle lines,

Please note that this album is complete and original 1973 UK pressing and is priced for its rarety 

the record and sleeve are original and 51 years old

The sleeve

the sleeve is in very good Condition

with the original "White Blotting paper" inner lyric insert

"Good  Condition" The inner sleeve

Having done it's job over 50 years the outer sleeve has almost no ring wear and light soiling on the inner (see photos) corners and spine sharp and good order.

It is one of the "original inner sleeves" it has storage wear and staining very good only  (see photos in listing) it has been used and is 51 so has general wear for age and , overall vgc plus  cover with very light wear at corners and super sharp spine looks like new, see photos.

(see photos in listing) ,  SEE PHOTOS.

The thick card has held up pretty  well, no holes all mounting etc. overall vgc  the sleeve.

The original white blotting paper version inner with lyrics is present wow! soo difficult to get. and in good order, long time this was stored and its a got some marks age related  some soiling on this white inner these are so hard to get. see pics and handling soiling on the white inner. Very Good condition

these can be old and fragile now (see photos in listing) its best stored in "file" to preserve it, so the use as a record sleeve is not current a new quality white inner is supplied.

These are often tatty beyond help but on this one is holding up good condition and an original from release date in 1973 , its best stored apart as fragile due to age 50 and a new quality pvc lined record sleeve is supplied.

This is a great buy for someone looking for a wholly original 1973 press of this great album (its not an archive Mint copy)

the audio is Near Excellent, only a light line here and there keeps it away from Ex no skips or jumps and beatifull audio. Near Mint copies are almost impossible now sometimes £300+!

This is a great affordable copy to own and play! nr mint vinyl our "fully audio tested" grading.

See photos....Please note this item is advertised for sale elsewhere also

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