Led Zeppelin IV Red Plum A3 B4 "pecko duck" 1971 UK press EX Vinyl

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 This is from my own collection, I am not a dealer, in the next few months I am selling off part of my collection, some rarities and collectable, no filler! Thanks for looking!

EX UK A3 B4 1971 UK red plum 1st UK press to buy and keep

Please note that this album is complete and original 1971 1st UK pressing and is sold for its rarity rather than for its condition

To be clear this is an A3 B4 1971 UK pressing,  MATRIX A3B4

The rare and difficult to find inner   is near  Ex, so Rare now..in this condition. Has sellotape around the edges.

There are 4 varieties of labels on the very first UK presses, this is no 4.


This is the label 4 version with the corrected "Mountain Hop" with the band name on the top half of label, so this is the version 4 red plum press 1971 label with the earlier "top" corrected to "hop "

Photos are of actual item for sale, what you see is what you get here.

also credits go to "Kinney Music Ltd"  and "Superhype Music Inc"

this has on side 1 "Peco Duck" and side 2 "Porky" hand etched on the runout groove....

there is a scuff side 1 see photos, this does not affect the audio.

porky peko

(this was a reference by the famous "Beatles Engineer" George Peckham)

whose stamp was "a porkys prime cut" Page was so impressed with what heard on the Beatles records he asked for George , employed then at Apple then 3 Saville Row, London who obliged on this occasion.

the sound quality of these rare first presses wipes the floor in our view with the new reissues but over to the listener....

like the Turquoise 1st Album the song credits help identify a true 1st press which this is and its a reluctant sale...

We hear that there were only around 2000 Led Zeppelin 1 turquoise 1st albums made now they are sky high in value and deservedly so how many remain--

the earliest A3 B3 versions of the 4th album are getting rarer as collectors snap them up....there is no earlier matrix (only label variations) this is the 4th label.

look now on ebay and once you sift through to the "real thing" only 1or 2 normally show up , all priced 360 + in various conditions , this vinyl is a keeper look no further!

This is rare and getting hard to find in good order

Led zeppelin IV recorded between their "mayhem tours" in USA in 1970 at Headley Grange England , this is very much the sound of a band settled and for many their best work.

The classic tracks are here by the bucketful, Black Dog , Rock n Roll, Stairway to Heaven, Levee Breaks all jump off the grooves with incredible clarity on this copy, the audio is awesome on our Rega 3.

Page got what he wanted here and the mixing done at various locations dictated by tour schedule are a credit to the producer, despite delays by mastering artwork and "no title" wrangles with Atlantic the album was released in UK end October Early November 71. This is one of those early early copies!

This recording really put Zeppelin back on top following the cooler reception of the 3rd record (at the time) we have heard 1st hand some aging critics waxing on about how much they love the 3rd (hmm but at the time guys you panned it!) no names as we know you know.

Atlantic by this time had given a blank cheque but when they found out the 4th record was planned untitled no band names etc. Ahmet Ergun hit the roof! and summoned Page and Grant to USA to "discuss" ...backed by the very large Peter Grant Page stuck to his guns and replied "if they didn't like the last one this this will wake them up but no band names, this rests on the music and the fans" he was right and Peter Grants Boys had done it again, to this day many regard this as THE greatest rock album of all time... judged for yourself but for us the audio quality of these 1st presses are vastly superior to the recent "deluxe super deluxe releases!"  just DAMN HARD TO FIND AT A FAIR PRICE!

Atlantic did a great job in 1971 with these, word is Peter Grant got the pressing plants to clean the master discs more regular (using a process normally reserved for classical recordings) rock and pop were still considered "passing phases" so it was not felt necessary to clean the pressing plates as often due to the volume they were recorded at with few quieter passages


Once again Grant broke the mold when he visited the UK pressing plant and "insisted" who would refuse him?

The job was done this way for the early runs in the first year or so... after...

Only the first presses came out with no band name on top the label only the 4 symbols. The spacing is different v later presses so easy to spot once you know, see photos,

all photos are of actual item for sale, what you see is what you get here, see our 100% feedback!

Grab yourself a piece of rock history!

These are getting harder to find in anything like this condition.

The Record


A3 B4  matrixes!

In EX condition with some surface lines ,removal scuffs from sleeve removal over the years.,no jumps or sticks on our Rega 3 bear in mind this is a 53 year old vinyl record! we also tested on a fussy "light tracking" Kenwood deck with no issues.

Has a mark on side one end of Battle and start of Stairway, it's feel able does not skip or disrupt play badly but it's there.

very clear audio quality in the acoustic tracks with no skips or jumps to disrupt. There is only faint pops in some quieter passages but not many.

Anyone are looking for ex plus ex or  "mint" or " near Mint" or "Mint" archive copies please see our other listings and note this is not one of those.

some light static in the very quiet, the acoustic parts,

Nice fat pre oil crisis 70s vinyl wow ! nice flat and fat.

Plays fantastic with bright crisp sound may benefit from a professional clean (we don't do this as it's an individual thing)  could polish some background static is noticeable in the quieter passages but not many of those!

The labels are clen free of writing doodles or stickers and retain great bold colours with no fade we can notice under light., the pictures do not do justice! they are very very clean with few spindle lines. Vault stored many years.

Please note that this album is complete and original 1971 UK pressing and is priced for its rarety rather than for its condition

the record and sleeve are original and 53 years old

The sleeve     

with the original "Grey Blotting paper" inner lyric insert

Excellent sleeve

Having done it's job over 53 years the sleeve has very little wear slight rounding to corners only (see photos) stored in upright PVC sleeve for 30+ years.

These are hard to find in good shape, nice Ex sleeve and inner.

 It is one of the better "original matt sleeves" it does have a little wear at corners, its a really excellent sleeve (see photos)Atlantic were famously unhappy with the "no text" outer sleeve , word is this practice ceased as soon as Peter Grant got wind of it so again ....collectable.

(see photo in listing) really great order no issues, rips, stickers or writing.

There are no seam splits , colours are good and not a lot fading, the thick card has held up well, spine shows only light wearat 53!

The original grey blotting paper inner with "Stairway to Heaven" lyrics is present wow! soo difficult to get  A3B4 version

inner sleeve is in great order Ex only small fraying at the opening side see pictures, these are old and fragile now (see photos in listing)

These are often tatty beyond help but on this one its in near Ex condition and an original from release date in 1971.has tape at edges , it's a decent inner these can be trashed.

This is a great buy for someone looking for a wholly original 1st press of this great album (its near Mint vinyl copy)

It is very NICE AUDIO  , only a tick here and there, no skips or jumps and beautiful audio ex and near mint copies are almost impossible now sometimes £700+!

This is a great copy to own and play! " EX " our "fully audio tested" grading.

See photos.... Please note this item is advertised for sale elsewhere also

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