Love Forever Changes 1967 Masterpiece Vinyl LP 80s Reissue Super Clean Near Mint

Sold Date: October 25, 2022
Start Date: October 6, 2022
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Love Forever Changes 1967 Masterpiece Vinyl LP 80s Reissue Super Clean Near Mint.

LP looks beautiful. I think I purchased this new back of the 80s and probably listened to it twice at the most. It has the Elektra inner sleeve that most reissues of the time have. Cover and inner sleeve are at least VG+

PLEASE READ this stuff or at least some of it! 🙂

I feel it's IMPORTANT to have a mutual respect between buyer and seller. I have the utmost respect for my customers and it means a lot to me that you're happy, above anything else. Below is tons of info about various things such as grading, my experience selling LPs on eBay and what I expect from a buyer when purchasing or returning items. And much more that you may benefit from, or hopefully even laugh a bit while reading.

It's been a while since I've sold any LPs here but will be listing quite a few in the next month. It took time to build my reputation but I stand behind what I sell all the way. Not sure how far back you can see the actual listings but the feedback speaks for itself. People have always been overly pleased with my grading and packaging of vinyl. I try to be conservative with grading. I've also bought LPs for my own personal collection all my life and understand how crucial this is! Most of what I sell here comes from that collection of over 6,000 lps.

Please check my feedback. Not one negative feedback in 20 years!!! Thank you so much for the continued support. Over 1500 transactions- specializing almost exclusively in records and 8 track tapes. If you aren't happy with a purchase because of an issue or mistake on my part, I accept returns with no questions asked. Don't hesitate to let me know. Buy with confidence.

All the LPs I sell come with a plastic outer sleeve as well as the original unless otherwise stated. LPs are packed carefully with the LP, inner sleeve, etc outside of the cover to prevent possible splitting and with cardboard on each side for extra protection.

I do recommend cleaning every LP before playing. Most of what I sell won't be very dirty, if at all, but I can't guarantee the last time I cleaned them or listened to it in full unless otherwise stated. (For the last 6 years I've cleaned my LPs with Tergikleen and rinsed with purified water).


If you're looking for a dead mint record that looks and smells beautiful and brand new, buy a new record, not a used one. There is no such thing as "perfect" when it comes to ANY analog formatted media. If you want dead silence in between tracks and 100% clean playback with absolute consistency, I suggest you go to HD Tracks and knock yourself out with all that's available there. Quality of vinyl varies and always has throughout the years and I don't have the time to listen to every LP I sell. I do the very best I can to describe any visual flaws and even audio flaws if I know them to exist.

I only recall of maybe 5 returned LPs in 20 years and incredibly 3 of them weren't because I hadn't described an LP accurately. When you read the reasons for those 3 returns below you'll hopefully understand why I'm actually thrilled to admit the other 2 were absolutely and completely my mistakes. 🙄 Just for a laugh, here are the "alternate" reasons (100% for real) :

1- the customer didn't look at the pics and expected something else altogether (an oversight????)   🤔

2- the LP didn't have their favorite song on it (truly baffling)   🤔🤔

3- quite literally didn't want the item they purchased (seriously???????)   🥴🥴🥴

THIS stuff is just silly. I'M HAPPY TO ACCEPT A RETURN and PAY ALL the shipping and expense if I've made an obvious mistake or you aren't pleased because of a problem....BUT NOT because the customer didn't read the description/LOOK at the song titles etc etc. I make very, very little money selling records and tapes, etc on eBay after fees, rising shipping costs, taxes, etc.

The main reason I still do it when I can is to share the love of music with people who love having and listening to records. I want it to be an experience because it is and that's something that's unfortunately become lost over time.

I sincerely appreciate your understanding regarding returns. I want you to be really happy with your purchase so please look at the pics and make sure your purchase is definitely what you want. Thanks so much.


If you'd rather leave NEGATIVE or even NEUTRAL feedback INSTEAD of asking simply for a REFUND, PLEASE do NOT buy from me. 8 Track Tapes and 50 year old LPs are often delicate and MAY play differently from player to player. RECORD GRADING is always interpretation based on the grader.. PLEASE just ask me for a refund if you are not happy with your purchase. I'd really appreciate it.

I normally DO NOT ship internationally. However, if you are interested in an item feel free to message me and we will try and figure something out.

Ok.....I'm finally done!!! Thanks for hanging in if you've gotten this far!!!

P.S. I almost forgot!

Record grading!!!

Mint (M):  Perfection, no flaws, defects, marks or otherwise indications of being handled or played. Any scuffs, hairline scratches or other marks disqualify discs from this category. I do not use this grade, as even the act of inserting the disc or removing it from the paper sleeve may cause scuff marks on the vinyl.

Near Mint (NM):  This is highest grade assigned to opened, handled records. The vinyl is near flawless, bright and shiny. A very minor, barely visible scuff or two may be permitted, but no scratches. The disc should play with no audible noise. The label is bright, clean and unmarked.

Excellent (EX):  Disc plays really nice, but may have minor paper scuffs or other marks that do not interfere with the sound quality. There can possibly be a few hairline scratches but nothing that affects play. Vinyl is bright and shiny.

Very Good Plus (VG+):  Some visible surface wear, very minor scratches and scuffs, but minimal impact on the sound quality. Vinyl will still have good luster; labels may have minor imperfections (small labels or minor writing, etc.) but otherwise clean.

Very Good (VG):  Vinyl will have noticeable scratches or scuffs that cause minor surface noise, but do not overpower the music. Vinyl may appear somewhat dull and grayish. Labels may have small tears, tape marks, larger writing, etc. but still easily legible. There may be wear or deformation of the spindle hole.

Very Good Minus (VG-): Vinyl and cover will be a little worse tha‍‎n VG. I rarely sell records below this grade unless they are very desirable and can go to a good home of someone who may not be able to afford a really expensive pressing.

Below this grade (G+, G): Vinyl will have many scratches, likely much surface noise, and possibly even skips.

Some records also may look incredibly rough but still play really clean. I've bought 7-8 pressings of certain records just trying to find a clean one and many of them LOOKED clean....but weren't clean sounding. Even if it looks clean doesn't always mean it will sound clean. Happy hunting!!!