Beatles Revolver * 606-1 WITHDRAWN MIX * FACTORY SAMPLE * MONO * UK 1st PRESS

Sold Date: November 19, 2023
Start Date: November 9, 2023
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The Beatles - Revolver

I am pleased to offer for sale this superb UK mono 1st pressing of The Beatles seventh studio album, Revolver.

The UK mono 1st pressing of Revolver, identifiable by the side 2 matrix number: XEX 606 - 1, is particularly sought after for the alternative mix, so-called 'remix 11', of "Tomorrow Never Knows". According to anecdotal evidence, the wrong tape was sent to EMI for mastering. A member of the production team discovered this and contacted the EMI pressing plant to rectify the situation. Although reluctant, they agreed to stop production and remaster the correct mix with the understanding that those records already pressed would be sold. Consequently, a small number of this alternative mix were available for purchase.

In addition to being a rare example of the 'withdrawn mix' pressing, this copy is also a much coveted Factory Sample. EMI produced 'Factory Sample' records for promotional purposes and were generally sent to a journalist for review. Genuine factory samples can be discerned due to the presence of a sticker on one of the labels which reads: "FACTORY SAMPLE NOT FOR RESALE". Early stickers, such as that seen on this record, are rectangular with triangular ends.

This record is not part of the Mann collection.

Album Details:

Serial number: PMC 7009 

Matrix number: XEX 605 - 2 / XEX 606 - 1

Stamper codes: 1 GG / 1 GP

Tax Codes: KT

Vinyl Weight: 165g

The -2 / -1 matrix numbers confirm that the record is a true UK first pressing. The mother and stamper codes suggest that the record was one of the first few thousand produced. Consequently, the audio reproduction is superb -  take a listen yourself below.

The black labels with yellow Parlophone logo and silver text are the first variant as is evident from the misspelling of T4 S2, "Doctor Robert" as "Dr. Robert".

The front side laminated Garrod & Lofthouse sleeve is the first variant as is evident from the small solid 'MONO' aural indicator text printed to the front side, a square spine and flip-backs to the reverse. The first variant sleeves also display the same error as the labels concerning the title of "Doctor Robert".

The album is complete with the original polythene lined die-cut Emitex 'protect your records' inner sleeve.

Condition Report:

The condition report provided below is given as a guide only. I include high-quality, comprehensive photographs as well as a complete audio recording in my listings to enable you to make an informed decision on the condition of this record yourself.


Labels: VERY GOOD +

The labels are clean and retain rich, vibrant colours. There is evident spindle wear around both centre holes.

Visual: VERY GOOD +

The vinyl retains deep gloss playing surfaces. In bright daylight light surface marks can be seen to both sides. None can be felt and I would not describe any as a 'scratch'. Visibly used but still perfectly acceptable.

Sound Quality: VERY GOOD + 

Please note: the eBay app does not facilitate playback. Please use the internet site to enjoy the audio clips.

Side 1:

Side 2:

As can be heard in the recordings, the record sounds great. As with all of the early heavy-weight mono pressings, the bass is punchy, the mids well-defined. The lead ins are quiet. Background static can be heard throughout but it doesn't distract from the otherwise superb audio. There are no pops, sticks or skips. Take a listen to the audio files and decide for yourself.


The sleeve is in fantastic condition. Both sides are bright and clean. The laminate to the front side retains the original lustre. The cover art is vibrant. The reverse shows no sign of discolouration or rubbing. The spine is without wear. The top, bottom and opening edges are all without wear. The top right hand corner has a subtle 'bump'; the other corners are strong.

Inner Sleeve: EXCELLENT

The original inner sleeve is in great condition. It is very clean and displays only mild creasing.


Additional Details:

Before the audio test, the vinyl was cleaned first by an Okki Nokki vacuum cleaner and then an Audio Desk ultrasonic cleaner.

After cleaning, the vinyl was placed inside a brand new mobile fidelity anti-static inner sleeve.

The vinyl will be packaged outside of the sleeve, both of which are stored inside an archival quality polypropylene outer sleeve.

The record will be sent via an insured courier in a padded vinyl mailer.


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