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The Beatles - With The Beatles

I am pleased to offer for sale this superb, Factory Sample copy of The Beatles second studio album, With The Beatles.

As well as being extremely rare, the LP is in fantastic condition. The audio sounding as crisp as it did the first time it was played. Here is a fantastic opportunity to add this museum piece to your own personal collection.

General Information:

EMI produced 'Factory Sample' records for promotional purposes and were generally sent to a journalist for review. Genuine factory samples can be discerned due to the presence of a sticker on one of the labels which reads: "FACTORY SAMPLE NOT FOR RESALE". Early stickers, such as that seen on this record, are rectangular with triangular ends.
This particular record, along with all others listed for sale in this set of listings, were part of the collection of one of the best known Beatles critics, William Mann. Mann was the music critic for the Times newspaper. His article, "What Songs the Beatles Sang" (written after listening to this particular album!) was perhaps the first to critically review the Beatles as musicians rather than as a social phenomenon.   
A copy of the original article from December 1963 is included in the sale.
It is also important to note that in the early and mid-60s, the majority of UK LPs were mono pressings. Most record players of that era did not have detachable speakers and produced mono-aural sound, even if the LP was stereo. Consequently, as mono LPs were slightly cheaper that stereo LPs nearly all LPs sold were mono. Although the exact ratio is unknown, anecdotal evidence suggest that in the case of Beatles’ LPs of this era, that ratio was approximately 20:1. Whatever the ratio, suffice to say that stereo LPs of the Beatles’ early LPs are significantly rarer than their mono counterparts.

Album Details:

Serial number: PCS 3045

Matrix number: YEX 110 - 2 / YEX 111 - 2

Stamper codes: 3 RT / 1 AA

Tax Codes: KT

Vinyl Weight: 165g

The -2 / -2 matrix numbers confirm that the record is a true UK first pressing - there was no -1 / -1 With The Beatles records produced. The mother & stamper codes communicate that the record was produced early in the production run. Consequently, the audio reproduction is fantastic. Take a listen yourself below!

The labels are the first variant as is evident from the presence of two mistakes on the side 2 label, which are: "Jobete" publishers credit for T7 S2, "Money" (this was changed on subsequent variants to Dominion. Belinda); and the incorrect spelling of 'Got A' on T3 S2, "You Really Gotta Hold On Me".

This Garrod & Lofthouse produced front-side laminated sleeve is the first variant as is evident from the large solid 'STEREO' aural indicator text printed to the front side and the incorrect spelling of 'Got A' on T3 S2, "You Really Gotta Hold On Me" on the track-list to the reverse.

The album is complete with the original polythene lined die-cut Emitex 'protect your records' inner sleeve.

Condition Report:

The condition report provided below is given as a guide only. I include high-quality, comprehensive photographs as well as a complete audio recording in my listings to enable you to make an informed decision on the condition of this record yourself.



The labels are clean retain rich, vibrant colours. The sticker shows no damage. A small number of dull spindle trails can be seen around each unworn centre hole.


The vinyl retains superb deep gloss playing surfaces to both sides. In bright daylight two light marks can be seen to the surface of side 2. Neither can be felt and I would certainly not describe them as scratches. Underneath the glare of a halogen desk lamp a number of barely visible wispy paper hairlines (usually present due to the record going in and out of the inner sleeve) can be seen alongside an iridescent rainbow shine. 

Sound Quality: MINT -

Please note: the eBay app does not facilitate playback. Please use the internet site to enjoy the audio clips.

Side 1:


Side 2:

As can be heard in the recordings, this is a copy that has been seldom played on good quality equipment. The lead ins are quiet. During the dead-wax between tracks only the sound of a rotating stylus can be heard. There is great channel separation, the bass is punchy, the vocals are clear. A truly superb listening experience - you won't need to look for another copy. 

Sleeve: MINT - 

The sleeve is in fantastic, nearly-new condition. Both sides are bright and clean. The laminate to the front side retains the original lustre. The cover art is vibrant. The rear is brilliant white with only minor spots of discolouration. The spine is still square with a beautiful crisp edge. The top, bottom and opening edges are all without wear. 

Inner Sleeve: EXCELLENT

The original inner sleeve is in great condition. It is very clean and displays only mild creasing.


Additional Details:

Before the audio test, the vinyl was cleaned first by an Okki Nokki vacuum cleaner and then an Audio Desk ultrasonic cleaner.

After cleaning, the vinyl was placed inside a brand new mobile fidelity anti-static inner sleeve.

The vinyl will be packaged outside of the sleeve, both of which are stored inside an archival quality polypropylene outer sleeve.

The record will be sent via an insured courier in a padded vinyl mailer.


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