Widespread Panic - Space Wrangler [Blue & Green Color Vinyl Record 2LP New]

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 Early on Widespread Panic began to forge a sound unto themselves, a combination of Michael Houser's unorthodox guitar playing, John Bell's coarse growl, Todd Nance's rock-steady drumming, David Schools' lead bass playing and Sunny Ortiz's multi-textured percussion, coupled with a collective commitment to playing original songs from the outset and a willingness to walk the improvisational high wire night after night. Landslide Records came calling and Space Wrangler, the group's promising John Keane-produced debut, was issued in September 1988, the first copies of which were hand-delivered to the band by Col. Bruce Hampton, an area shaman, bandleader and early mentor. Looking at touchstones like the Grateful Dead and Mark Knopfler through much more of a Southern rock lens, Space Wrangler is home to such long-standing concert staples as J.J. Cale's "Travelin' Light," "Space Wrangler," "Coconut," "Porch Song," and "Driving Song."

Chilly Water Travelin' Light Space Wrangler Coconut The Take Out Porch Song Stop-Go Driving Song Gomero Blanco Holden Oversoul Contentment Blues Me And The Devil Blues/Heaven
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