Casisdead - Famous Last Words Clear Vinyl Edition (2023 - EU - Original)

Sold Date: May 28, 2024
Start Date: October 28, 2023
Final Price: €34.99 (EUR)
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A1 Do You Trust Me?
A2 A Spark
A3 Loosin'
A4 Steptronic
A5 Deadcorp
A6 Pineapple Juice Feat. Kamio
B1 I Wanna Go Home
B2 Actin' Up Feat. Desire
B3 Sarah Connor
B4 Do You Remember What It Was Like?
B5 Marilyn Feat. Connie Constance
B6 Aghast 6
B7 Boys Will Be Boys
C1 Venom
C2 Traction Control
C3 The Ants
C4 Matte Grey Wrap Feat. Desire
C5 Pat Earrings
D1 Before This Feat. Later
D2 Jane
D3 Sugar Free
D4 Access Denied
D5 Skydive Feat. Neil Tennant