Strawberry Switchblade Uk Lp Current 93

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it is a used record...made in the Uk with a picture sleeve 1. Since Yesterday 2. Deep Water 3. Another Day 4. Little River 5. 10 James Orr Street 6. Let Her Go 7. Who Knows What Love Is? 8. Go Away 9. Secrets 10. Who Knows What Love Is? (Reprise) 11. Being Cold Jill Bryson and Rose McDowell formed the pop group Strawberry Switchblade in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1981 as a quartet; by the next year, they were down to a duo. Their distinctive look -- frilly polka-dot dresses, hair ribbons, bright red lipstick, flowers, and cheap jewelry -- made them easily marketable, but predictably, this emphasis on visuals came at the expense of musical substance. This wasn't always the case; their 1983 debut single, "Trees and Flowers," was a spare, melancholy song about Bryson's agoraphobia, and featured guitar from Aztec Camera's Roddy Frame. However, their 1985 self-titled debut consisted mostly of over-produced, typically '80s lightweight electro-pop; the bubblegum hit "Since Yesterday" brought the duo some U.K. success, but the album failed to make a lasting impression despite initial Top 25 sales in that country. Following their last hit, a cover of Dolly Parton's "Jolene," the duo broke up in 1986. Late Rose worked with gothic underground act Current 93 .....

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