David Bowie / Low *NEW, SEALED VINYL LP* Orange Vinyl Reissue / German Import

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David Bowie / Low *NEW, SEALED VINYL LP* Orange Vinyl Reissue / German Import

Label:Parlophone – DB 77821, Parlophone – 0190295842918
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered, Repress, Stereo, Orange Vinyl, 45th Anniversary Edition / Made in Germany


TRACK LIST: A1Speed Of Life Arranged By – David Bowie Bass – George Murray Percussion – Dennis Davis Piano – Roy Young Rhythm Guitar – Carlos Alomar Synthesizer [ARP], Tape [Horn And Brass], Synthesizer [Synthetic Strings] – David Bowie Written-By – Bowie* A2Breaking Glass Arranged By – David Bowie Bass – George Murray Guitar – Carlos Alomar Percussion – Dennis Davis Rhythm Guitar – Ricky Gardiner Synthesizer [Splinter Mini-Moog] – Brian Eno Vocals – David Bowie Written-By – Bowie*, Davis*, Murray* A3What In The World Arranged By – David Bowie Bass – George Murray Guitar – Ricky Gardiner Percussion – Dennis Davis Piano, Organ [Farfisa Organ] – Roy Young Rhythm Guitar – Carlos Alomar Synthesizer [Report ARP], Synthesizer [Rimmer E.M.I.] – Eno* Vocals – David Bowie, Iggy Pop Written-By – Bowie* A4Sound And Vision Arranged By – David Bowie Bass – George Murray Guitar – Ricky Gardiner Percussion – Dennis Davis Piano – Roy Young Rhythm Guitar – Carlos Alomar Synthesizer [Synthetic Strings], Saxophone, Vocals – David Bowie Vocals – Eno*, Mary Visconti Written-By – Bowie* A5Always Crashing In The Same Car Arranged By – David Bowie Bass – George Murray Effects [Guitar Treatments], Synthesizer [E.M.I. Synthesizer] – Eno* Guitar – Ricky Gardiner Percussion – Dennis Davis Piano, Organ – Roy Young Rhythm Guitar – Carlos Alomar Tape [Tape Cellos], Vocals – David Bowie Written-By – Bowie* A6Be My Wife Bass – George Murray Guitar – Ricky Gardiner Percussion – Dennis Davis Piano – Roy Young Rhythm Guitar – Carlos Alomar Vocals, Guitar, Bass [Pump Bass] – David Bowie Written-By – Bowie* A7A New Career In A New Town Arranged By – David Bowie Bass – George Murray Guitar – Ricky Gardiner Percussion – Dennis Davis Piano – Roy Young Piano, Synthesizer [All Synthetics] – Eno* Rhythm Guitar – Carlos Alomar Tape [Tape Sax Section], Harmonica, Piano – David Bowie Written-By – Bowie* B1Warszawa Arranged By – Brian Eno, David Bowie Synthesizer [Mini-Moog], Piano, Chamberlin [Chamberlain], Synthesizer [E.M.I.] – Brian Eno Vocals – David Bowie Written-By – Eno*, Bowie* B2Art Decade Arranged By – David Bowie Cello – Eduard Meyer Synthesizer [Mini-Moog], Piano, Chamberlin [Chamberlain], Other [E.M.I.] – Brian Eno Synthesizer [Synthetic Strings], Guitar, Piano, Percussion [Pre-Arranged Percussion], Chamberlin [Chamberlain] – David Bowie Written-By – Bowie* B3Weeping Wall Arranged By – David Bowie Synthesizer [Synthetic Strings], Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Vibraphone, Xylophone, Synthesizer [ARP] – David Bowie Written-By – Bowie* B4Subterraneans Arranged By – David Bowie Bass – George Murray Guitar – Carlos Alomar Piano, Guitar, Vocals, Saxophone [Sax] – David Bowie Piano, Synthesizer [ARP] – Peter And Paul Written-By – Bowie*

Released exclusively to 'bricks & mortar' record stores (and their online storefronts), as well as the "Bowie75" Pop-Up shops, on the 45th anniversary of the album's original release. Orange colored vinyl that matches the background of the album art. 2017 remastered version.
With two hype stickers. Top left hand front: black circular with orange lettering - ‘45th anniversary orange vinyl limited edition’ plus barcode/catalog number ‘190296726798’. Bottom right hand corner: white rectangle with black lettering - ‘Bowie official 75’ with the 75 being a trade marked logo to mark Bowie’s birthday.

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