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This vinyl box set contains six Gorillaz studio albums from 2001 - 2020, including their current release "Song Machine, Season 1."  This black vinyl box set will first be available for RSD Drops on July 17. 


A1 Re-Hash 3:38

A2 5/4 2:40

A3 Tomorrow Comes Today 3:12

A4 New Genious (Brother) 3:58

B5 Clint Eastwood 5:42

B6 Man Research (Clapper) 4:30

B7 Punk 1:36

B8 Sound Check (Gravity) 4:41

C9 Double Bass 4:45

C10 Rock The House 4:09

C11 19-2000 3:27

C12 Latin Simone (Que Pasa Contigo) 3:36

D13 Starshine 3:31

D14 Slow Country 3:35

D15 M1 A1 3:54

D16 Clint Eastwood (Ed Case/Sweetie Irie Refix) 4:25

Demon Days

A1 Intro 1:05

A2 Last Living Souls 3:10

A3 Kids With Guns 3:45

A4 O Green World 4:30

B1 Dirty Harry 3:51

B2 Feel Good Inc. 3:40

B3 El Mañana 3:50

C1 Every Planet We Reach Is Dead 4:55

C2 November Has Come 2:40

C3 All Alone 3:30

C4 White Light 2:10

D1 DARE 4:05

D2 Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head 3:15

D3 Don’t Get Lost In Heaven 2:05

D4 Demon Days 4:30

Plastic Beach

A1 Orchestral Intro 1:09

A2 Welcome To The World Of The Plastic Beach 3:36

A3 White Flag 3:43

A4 Rhinestone Eyes 3:20

B5 Stylo 4:31

B6 Superfast Jellyfish 2:55

B7 Empire Ants 4:44

B8 Glitter Freeze 4:03

C9 Some Kind Of Nature 3:00

C10 On Melancholy Hill 3:54

C11 Broken 3:17

C12 Sweepstakes 5:20

D13 Plastic Beach 3:47

D14 To Binge 3:56

D15 Cloud Of Unknowing 3:06

D16 Pirate Jet 2:33


A1 Intro: I Switched My Robot Off 0:23

A2 Ascension 2:36

A3 Strobelite 4:33

A4 Saturnz Barz 3:02

A5 Momentz 3:17

B6 Interlude: The Non-Conformist Oath 0:22

B7 Submission 3:22

B8 Charger 3:35

B9 Interlude: Elevator Going Up 0:02

B10 Andromeda 3:18

B11 Busted And Blue 4:37

C12 Interlude: Talk Radio 0:20

C13 Carnival 2:15

C14 Let Me Out 3:13

C15 Interlude: Penthouse 0:12

C16 Sex Murder Party 4:19

D17 She’s My Collar 3:30

D18 Interlude: The Elephant 0:08

D19 Hallelujah Money 4:26

D20 We Got The Power (Version 2:18:482) 2:18

The Now Now

A1 Humility 3:17

A2 Tranz 2:43

A3 Hollywood 4:53

A4 Kansas 4:08

A5 Sorcererz 3:00

A6 Idaho 3:42

B7 Lake Zurich 4:13

B8 Magic City 4:00

B9 Fire Flies 3:53

B10 One Percent 2:21

B11 Souk Eye 4:34

Song Machine: Season One

A1 Strange Timez 

A2 The Valley Of The Pagans 

A3 The Lost Chord 

A4 Pac-Man 

A5 Chalk Tablet Towers 

A6 The Pink Phantom 

B1 Aries 

B2 Friday 13th 

B3 Dead Butterflies 

B4 Desolé 

B5 Momentary Bliss

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Parlophone 0190295177812






JUL 17, 2021