The Smiths - Still Ill - 1984 EX 12" Rough Trade RTD 018T (Lyntone, Germany)

Sold Date: August 7, 2021
Start Date: July 31, 2021
Final Price: $34.99 (USD)
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The Smiths - Still Ill  -  b/w Reel Around The Fountain & Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want  -  1984 EX 12" Rough Trade RTD 018T  -  Pressed By Lyntone, Germany
Flaws  ---  Is the vinyl VG+ ?.... No, it's better.....   Is the vinyl NM ?.... No, it's EX.  There's just a copula-three hairlines on the vinyl, nothing affecting playthrough.   Inner sleeve is the original, with "Made In England" printed on the front side)..... Outer jacket - corners dinged a touch, but overall in dang good shape considering.
Music  ---  "....ask me why and I'll spit in your eye...."
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Now for the not-reduced-to-ultra-fine-print business part - this is on every listing I run up - so you can be sure nobody gets screwed over and I don't get taken to the cleaners by folks who would do so to get stuff for free, or worse, make a seller look bad for whatever reason (yes, it happens and that's sad).   I'll also never and I mean never ever notaneffingchance - I'll never engage a 'bid-bot' in the blind to run up an auction price.   That's about as lowlife as anyone can get in business and says a lot about them as a person.
I'm offering new wave and prog rock (and some other styles including a few titles of very early-in-the-game techno/rave) CD's and vinyl.
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You might notice I'm going a tad over the top with most descriptions and sometimes the amount of photos on many listings.   That's solely so you know which end is up.   Not gonna hide anything.   Any missing artwork, pieces, parts, etc., and/or any real flaws on all items will be noted in plain language and sight in the description panel and of course, in the photos.
I was a nightclub DJ on LawnGuyLand NooYawk back when new wave was new and almost every new wave title I have - vinyl and CD - 95% of 'em - were "working" items.   I'll never ever offer for sale any item I wouldn't buy myself,   I'd rather just give 'em away or toss 'em in a dumpster.   Please see the photos on each new wave/club-use item listed, you'll understand.   If CD jewel cases or inner sleeves on vinyl were replaced with new, that will be noted as well.  More......
On most of my new wave vinyl and CD's, there's stickers with my hand-written notes (BPM, Artist/Title, version, etc.).  It was easier to see that in a dark club/DJ booth than pulling the rekkid itself.   I make no apologies for doing the sticker thing - it helped.   I know I wasn't the only one doing this kind of thing either.
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This particular Smiths listing started under half of legit worth/value solely because of the sticker mentioned above.   There are more big-worth/value listings to come, Smiths and other artists.
NewWaveAndProgRockDJ (meaning yours truly) absorbs the cost of cartons/packing material. It might not seem like much, but if you've never sold items before, the cost of padding material, packaging, new CD jewel cases and even carton sealing tape, that stuff adds up rather quickly.   Also, let's not kid ourselves:  Of course that cost is built into the opening bid price.   Momma dinna rayz no dummie. ;-)
As far as actual packing goes, I'm kinda sorta maybe pretty good at making sure your item(s) leave here with their seat belts properly fastened, seat in the upright position and tray-table secured in front. Tain't my first rodeo with ye olde shipping/receiving/logistics thing.
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Translation of that last bit above:   If you win this bid, please be assured I'll be going over the top in physically protecting the 12" for shipment.   But after it gets in the carriers' hands, schmitte can happen, sometimes does and I will not accept, not take responsibility, financial or otherwise, if for example, the USPS uses the package for a frisbee.
Re-sellers welcome. If you think my opening bid/fixed pricing makes me seem off my meds - meaning I'm way under what something should go for - please by all means grab it and go for it.  It's all good.
KLS, South Florida