Rolling Stones, The - The Rolling Stones (Vinyl LP - 2014 - EU - Original)

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THIS IS A COMPILATION OF THE ROLLING STONES STUDIO SESSIONS IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. Brian Jones, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman started their sessions at I.B.C. Studios, 35, Portland Place close to Regent Street in London where the LP cover picture was taken in the early 1963. The first six tracks were recorded between the 28th of January & the 2nd of February. Come On/I Want To Be Loved is their first 7” recorded at Olympic in London on 10th May. In the hot summer of 1963, between July and August, they recorded at the Decca Studios Poison Ivy, It Should Be, Fortune Teller. On 14th and 15th September they were in Kingsway, London for their first EP with You Better Move On, Bye, Bye, Johnny and Money. Then they came back to the I.B.C. Studios on 5th October to record: Come On, Memphis Tennessee, Roll Over Beethoven and I Just Want To Make Love To You. Two days later, in Kingsway, they recorded the last two songs of this compilation.


A1 Diddley Daddy
A2 Road Runner
A3 Bright Lights, Big City
A4 I Want To Be Loved
A5 Crackin' Up
A6 Honey, What's Wrong
A7 Come On
A8 I Want To Be Loved
A9 Poison Ivy
A10 It Should Be You
B1 Fortune Teller
B2 You Better Move On
B3 Bye Bye Johnny
B4 Money
B5 Come On
B6 Memphis Tennessee
B7 Roll Over Beethoven
B8 I Just Want To Make Love To You
B9 I Wanna Be Your Man
B10 Stoned