Fairuz - Lebanon Forever (Vinyl LP - 1971 - EU - Reissue)

Sold Date: May 28, 2024
Start Date: March 28, 2024
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This reissue comes on 180g. Right Track is a specialized music label based in Beirut - Lebanon. As an IFPI certified member they are the exclusive Licensee and distributor of multiple international and regional labels in addition to a range of Lebanese Artists. From Omar Khorshid’s arabian-funk to Fairuz’s eerie songs, from Ziad Rabani’s proto-disco to lebanese traditional Wadih Al Safi compositions, Right Track is committed to re-releasing the Immortal Arabic music repertoire on 180 g vinyls, delivering the highest possible quality from remastered audio to satisfy the demanding audiophile connoisseurs.


A1 Hkili Hkili Aan Baladi
A2 Rejeet Al Aassfoura
A3 Watani
A4 Fi Ahwe Aal Mafrak
B1 Ya Jabal Esheikh
B2 Rudani Ila Biladi
B3 Assidat Loubnan
B4 Badna N'kammel