Taylor Swift Cardigan EP Vinyl Collection Record New Sealed GOLD Picture Disc

Sold Date: May 14, 2024
Start Date: January 14, 2021
Final Price: $658.99 (AUD)
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Brand New.

Actual Item Photo Shot , buy with Confidence. (Except For Pre orders Using Mock Ups)

Real Item, No Regrets.

Store Polices & Terms
If any return occurs , we only accept the return on Brand New Sealed Item, but postage is on buyer's cost, and final refund need minus initial delivery cost and less %20 restocking fee on the package and labor cost & time wasted. (Time consumed on typing orders, packing, and driving to the Post Office Queue in Line to lodge parcels.)
Any other situation or change of mind purchase, the return will be void.

Scammer Alert!!! To all the eBayer, we encountered some nasty person eBayer who has damaged record on hand, then bought brand new one from us, upon receiving , said to us, the record jumps, using all the eBay policy preferred language returned the damaged record to us and manipulate eBay automatic refund function with delivery tracking, obtain full refund, even with strong evidence, the nasty person still does not admit anything by using eBay preferred policy language, too bad, never thought the origins of the record is different. If any future scammer tries to use same tactics to scam any seller, this is the case for investigation team reviewing. Justice need to be implemented in good faith. And remember karma will come to nasty person soon, we need keep eBay online shopping society free of ant=y kind of scammer.
All After Payment Cancelation will be rejected,With no exception, think before making bid.
Please double check your delivery address or contact mobile number, eBay is simple on delivery address, just copy and paste, we are not responsible for any incorrect information provided affecting parcel delivery, because we encountered several cases accusing us sending to a different address, with different phone number, if the buyers don't provide the address or phone number to eBay, how come we will know, we are selling records here not doing Psychic. Act like an adult not a crying baby always blaming others sending to wrong address.

Parcel will be sent with Boxed Package plus Bubbles, still some unexpected things happened,
Thus Insurance On Shipping is Available for Choice, from date of 8th Feb.2021,  Once you hit the buy it now button , and any buyer agrees our store policies and terms. For any parcel without choice of Insurance, we will be no longer responsible for the any delivery sent out , also it is globe logistic protocol agreement, the liability automatically transferred to logistic company, once the sender lodges the parcel or goods with logistic company.  

Insurance Link:
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Once Insurance is in force please claim the damaged item with local delivery company who is handling the parcel. For the buyer didn't proceed with insurance option, the buyer shall bear all the lost or damage item risk. if you don't know English, please use google translate.

Please purchase the insurance by the following link, each insurance only for one album.
Eg. if you purchase 2 albums, need add insurance, the QTY is add 2 on insurance.
10 albums from shop, need add insurance, the QTY is add 10 on insurance.
Or search164691426226. 
Any parcel without insurance purchased just stating need insurance, it is not insured, buyer should pay the insurance cost, not seller.

Also for Brand New Sealed Item, we are not responsible for any manufacturing defects like bend, chipped, fade, scoring, sleeve chipped,any related item defects etc.. as we don't see what is inside. Please claim with the manufacturer, which is stated at the back of the product.

According To  Australian Competition & Consumer Commission 
Businesses do not have to pay for damages or losses that: are not caused by their conduct, or their products relate to something independent of their business, after the goods left their control.