Jimi Hendrix Axis Bold as Love Mono 1967 1st UK press A1 B1 lyric insert Nr Mint

Sold Date: November 16, 2023
Start Date: November 16, 2023
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This is from my own collection I am not a dealer, in the next few months I am selling off part of my collection, some rarities and collectable, no filler! Thanks for looking!

If you are reading you probably know how rare and imposiible it is to find with the lyric sheet the original, its nr mint vinyl  , cover has no rips or tears or writing.

Kept in plastic protective file (see photos)

Please ask Questions on any aspect of this record!

 we will try to accommodate...

Please note that this album is complete and original 1st UK Black Track pressing and is priced for its rarety and attraction to collectors, its condition sets it apart.

this is nearly a 56 year old vinyl 1st pressing!+ the elusive and hard to find original insert with full lyrics!

Jimi Hendrix  second album on Track released in 1967 , recorded April, May 67 in Olympic studios London , this followed "are you experienced" in the same year as Jimi was required to produce 2 albums for Track in that year, Jimi was playing and recording in London almost every day so this was no problem  for the experience. Closenon the gollow up to the

Soon after the debut...recorded at Olympic Studios in Barnes London and released in London 1967 first on the iconic "UK Black Track label"

The photos of Olympic studios and a Tape machine from the era are not included.

It's reported that in the late 80s Virgins studio Manager Barbara Jeffries ordered that all the master tapes stored at Olympic go in the skip!

The bootleggers must have loved her...

This is a nr mint vinyl copy   "Made in Great Britain" at 6 oclock on the black track mono label! as it should be on UK mono press

There are light surface removal lines only  on both sides, some light scuffs, some under strong light, this is the original iconic Black UK Track label from 1967 only  light surface noise in quiter parts , nothing serious on playback it has no skips or jumps or sticks.there are a few light surface ticks nothing to disrupt enjoyment.

This is not a MINT new or Archieve copy it has been played but a great affordable buy for any collector, this Jimis second track recording from 1967 is we believe harder to find than the first record ... here it is under £650! Nr mint vinyl.

The original UK mono copies from 1967 are now so hard to find in this condition you can see £700+ is not unusual , here for less than £650 is a bargain....

The record  nr mint condition 

  Seldom seen under 800 gbp

This is a mono copy and sounds awesome and easily our favourite over the stereo copies.

A1 B1 matrixes

with inverted triangle) this is a very early copy in our view , see photos

clean labels no writing

This is in good shape no writing or stickers on labels, has some surface scratches, hairlines a few spindle lines there are some light removal scuffs and hairlines under strong light no skips or jumps on our Rega 3.

In nr mint condition at 56 with some visible scuffs from sleeve removal and general light scuffs  on both sides, from removal which show but do not disrupt play,there is light  static, from handling over the years, bear in mind this is a 56 year old vinyl record! it has some hairlines and light scuffs to the vinyl under light , no skips or jumps.

 Nice fat pre oil crisis 60s vinyl wow ! very flat on the table, test played on 2 decks wow great audio.

So thick and fat vinyl..very flat on then table.

See pictures in the listing you can see the light scuffs  and light surface on the record. nothing seroius and it plays through without much disruption no skips or jumps and fully play tested on 2 decks one very light tracking. 

There is some very light static in quieter passages and intros ,

Plays clear with bright crisp sound may benefit from a professional clean (we don't do this as it's an individual thing) some background static is noticeable in the quieter passages but not many of those!

The Cover is VGC + lyric insert is vgc + " original wow!

Been kept in a PVC sleeve for most of its life in great shape from a smoke free home.

Bright vibrant colour no writing stickers or tears, spine is in good order a real keeper see photos in listing.

Having done it's job over 57 years the sleeve has siome wear at corners but no visible ringwear at the rear (see photos) and a liitle fraying in place but overall it holding up well.

No WRITING , colours are good and not a lot fading, the thick card holds up well, no writing , names or stickers.  record is always stored separate in recent years.

The picture shows clear a historic repair to inside of sleeve , its quite neat job and record is always stored separate.

on the whole a good sleeve and a very very collectable nr mint vinyl. there is some light rounding to corners . spine is in good shape,

a great EJ day (London) sleeve.

The "super rare" original lyric Insert is present  (see photos) sleeve over 56 and is in vgc plus shape one of the better ones  ..kept in plastic protective filem

*see photos) no writing names etc.

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