Led Zeppelin II UK 1st press 1969 Living Loving Wreck Red Plum A2 B2 Ex vinyl

Sold Date: November 19, 2023
Start Date: November 19, 2023
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This is from my own collection, I am not a dealer, in the next few months I am selling off part of my collection many rarities and collectable, no filler! Thanks for looking!

Please ask Questions on any aspect of this record!
 we will try to accommodate...
Please note that this album is complete and original 1st UK pressing and is priced for its rarity and attraction Ex condition

The rarest label 1st press with the "Living Loving Wreck" credit on side 2  (removed after the 1st run) so few remain!

This record is priced in recognition of its value to collectors as a true UK 1st Press from 1969,  " Excellent" copy ,

this is "Ex  Condition" nice playable investment copy described in the listing (see photos) ask questions!

Lemon Song is on side 1 (litigation copy)

Led zeppelin II recorded on their "mayhem tours" in USA in 1969, this is very much the sound of a band at work and finding their direction.
The classic tracks are here by the bucketful, Whole Lotta Love, Lemon Song, Heartbreaker all jump off the grooves with incredible clarity.
Page got what he wanted here soundwise and the mixing done at various locations dictated by tour schedule are a credit to the producer.
This recording really put Zeppelin on the map and Atlantic had to give the highest advance to make sure Peter Grants Boys didn't look elsewhere, one of the greatest acts in rock history were in business to stay for a long time to come.

Very early Litigation copy !

Only the very first presses came out with the "Living Loving Wreck" and "Lemon Song" On the label, the "wreck" was corrected to "Livin Lovin Maid" and also "Lemon Song" changed to "Killing Floor"

this was hastily retitled on Peter Grants orders on later presses for fear of impending litagation from the estate of "blind lemon jefferson"
Grab yourself a piece of rock history!

These are impossible to find in good order now and so so collectable £800 is not unusual! £1000+ has been seen for a near mint!

This is a "Ex condition" copy not perfect or nr mint with some removal scuffs but no major deep scratches from its 54 year life.....we took the pictures under light to highlight these for clarity.
This is an affordable way to own a "living lovin wreck" Ex copy under £600.

On this record also Plant gets songwriting credits for the first time as he is considered "permanent" following US reaction to the 12 month old line up.

The Record

In Excellent condition with some ligjt scuffs from sleeve removal and general light scratching,  over the years, bear in mind this is a 54 year old vinyl record! Nice fat pre oil crisis 60s vinyl wow !
So thick and fat vinyl..very flat on then table with no warping.
See pictures in the listing you can see the light scuffs on the record.
There is some static/slight  in quieter passages and intros (a professional clean may assist)
played on the light tracking Kenwood deck. On the Rega 3 no issues
We are being clear this is not a Nr mint £1000+ copy so please take note...
we prefer to overstate this here so you know.  (see photos under light in listing of surfaces) the record is priced taking account of the extreme rarity, value and overall good condition. We want to be a clear as possible in the photos.
the audio quality on this is Ex.

Plays clear with bright crisp sound may benefit from a professional clean (we don't do this as it's an individual thing) some slight background static is noticeable in the quieter passages but not many of those!

The Red Plum labels are free of writing doodles or stickers and retain great bold colours with no fade we can notice under light.

The sleeve

Has the "plastic bags can be dangerous" inner sleeve

this is showing its age and has yellowed but is intact

Outer Sleeve
The lighter Brown 1st version "The Brown Bomber"

Having done it's job over 54 years the sleeve has some ring wear and rounding at corners, spine is intact but writing rubbed away, no tears on the "EJ Day" London W1 sleeve with the "uptight and Outasight" Atlantic appreciation society (17-19 Stratford Place, London, W1)  message (not on later versions) (see photos) VGC

No splits or tears, colours are good and not a lot fading, the thick card holds up well, no writing , names or stickers.

Having done it's job over 54 years the sleeve has some ring wear (see photos)
No splits or tears, colours are good and not a lot fading, the thick card holds up well, no writing , names or stickers.
on the whole an ex vinyl , ex sleeve and a very collectable vinyl.

This is a keeper for someone looking for a wholly original 1st press of this great album.
 Ex copies are almost impossible now sometimes £800+! +++
This is a great affordable collectable copy!
See photos.....

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