Selena - Amor Prohibido Vinyl Gold Metallized Record In Frame On Purple Velvet

Sold Date: November 7, 2021
Start Date: April 7, 2021
Final Price: $140.00 (USD)
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Gold vinyl record in a frame is a great gift for Christmas, Thanksgiving day, birthday or any other holiday, as well as for your personal home decor!
A gold vinyl record in a frame is a premium gift that will appeal to any music lover!

We are proud of 100% satisfaction of our customers and always provide excellent service!
Unfortunately, it is impossible to pull a gold vinyl record out of the frame and listen to it on a music player, but it is still a great musical decor on the wall!

All gold vinyl records and metal plaques in frames will come to you ready-made, covered with plexiglass!
All you will need is to hang the finished frame on the wall!
It is very easy to hang the frame on the wall thanks to the metal holder at the back of the frame!

- We can make a personal frame for you with a custom design at the same price! 

Frame size is 43 x 53 x 2.2 centimeters 
Weight without packaging ~ 2 kilograms
The estimated delivery time to worldwide ~ 7-21 days 


- Additional coating of the records with varnish to increase the brightness of the gold coating and ensure its protection
- High quality big size frame
- Nameplates(plaques) on gold shining metal "Satin"
- High-quality plexiglass so the glass can't broke during shipping
- We guarantee that the coating of the record does not crack, does not peel off, it is a metallization that will never come off the record
- We use excellent packaging made of foam, cardboard and a large amount of bubble wrap, so that the product comes to you in excellent condition!
- We are located in Russia and use Russian post 1st class air mail
- The frame is available, we will send it to you on the day of purchase or the next day
- Personal discounts when buying multiple frames at the same time
- Discounts for regular customers!
- 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality of the item!


For all questions, write to me, I we will be happy to answer you!